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Communication strategy for Takaful institutions in Europe

The establishment of a communication strategy involves various stakeholders: marketing, consulting agency and the executive management. To ensure the effectiveness of the communication strategy it is essential to:

  • Communicate on social networks by being transparent and sincere;
  • Integrate all media in the campaigns.

Communication should provide information and advice to clients, convince them of the benefits of the offer and give them the desire to subscribe, it will play a major role in the development of the institution’s marketing mix by integrating the whole variables as part of an overall strategy.

The objectives of the media plan

  • Use major media such as television, radio, national newspapers, posters and sponsorship;
  • Target households;
  • Deploy pedagogical efforts towards individuals in order to explain how Takaful works;
  • Develop digital communication;

A Takaful institution in Europe will have to focus on a strategy of differentiation. Today, the axes on which insurance companies are positioned are generally identical: proximity, solidity and service, they try to be different, credible and attractive.

Best practices

  • Adopt clear communication;
  • Determine the target;
  • Think « customer »;
  • Working the top of mind.

Selection of the appropriate message to be transmitted

It is necessary to avoid certain misunderstandings while having a positive impact on the perception of clients towards the Takaful institution and its products taking into account their economic and social situation and their way of life.

Communication channels

The means of communication must not concentrate solely on advertising. It is essential to turn to original channels via new information technologies and not hesitate to organize events such as conferences and use sponsorship. Intermediaries also play a central role in communication because they represent the interface between the Takaful institutions and their customers. It is necessary to develop both mass communication and proximity communication.

The effectiveness of the external field depends on the implementation of an internal communication shared by all components of the Takaful institutions. The involvement of marketing in the sphere of communication regarding commercial communication, that is to say the campaigns to promote products and generate customer contacts. These campaigns will use all or part of existing media: public relations, sponsorship and patronage, media:  TV, billboards, press, radio, non-media campaigns: direct marketing, e-mailing, SMS, promotional tools, editing advertising brochures, pamphlets, brochures, documentation, sales assistance tool and internet.

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