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Branding and merchandising strategy for Takaful institutions in Europe

Takaful institutions Branding

The use of branding is to increase the reputation of Takaful institutions and to give it a positive image. Being well known is essential to the construction of the image of Takaful institutions but it is not suffi cient to develop a positive brand image. The communication will therefore have to propagate and make known the values of the Takaful institutions.

The more clearly and strong the positioning of the Takaful institutions, the bett er the communication will be perceived. A special focus has to be done on Shariah compliance. Compliance gives rise to trust in human interaction and ultimately can meet demand. The products’ names chosen have to mean that the products off ered are respectful of Islamic values.

Takaful Branches Merchandising

Merchandising is the marketing of the point of purchase and it will have to be developed in all the distribution network through point of purchase advertising. The purpose of these tools is to capture att ention and convince quickly. Studies have shown that memorization was superior when several senses were simultaneously solicited.

The major challenge of the merchandising of the Takaful points of purchase is to make sales by creating an eff ective communication area that has four purposes: to interest the prospect, sensitize visitors, exploit the traffi c of the branches and prepare the purchase meeting. The space must be optimized to prioritize the sales objective as well as the
comfort of the customer.

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